How To Maximise Storage Unit Space

Storage units can certainly come in handy when you either plan to travel overseas, or when you simply do not have enough storage space in your home or garage for the extra furniture or other large items. However, renting a storage unit can turn out to be very expensive, this is why you will want to maximise the available space and to make the best out of your storage solution. Fortunately, you can store a lot in a medium-sized unit, if you pay attention to the following tips and hints:

1. Choose A Spacious Unit To Start With

There is little you can to in terms of organising the storage unit, if it is very small to begin with. That being said, make sure to choose one that is “just right” for the items you plan to store, one that will accommodate all your belongings and will also allow you to move freely when inside. 

2. Cardboard Boxes Are Your New Best Friends!

Cardboard boxes should never be missed when it comes to storing or transporting goods. Small, practical and space-effective, these boxes allow you to carefully store and arrange small to medium-sized goods maximising your storage unit space. Besides this, you can also mark the boxes, so you will know precisely where you store your goods without having to go through all of them until you find what you are looking for. Make sure to put the larger boxes on the ground and the smaller one on top of them – if you stack them strategically, you will save a lot of space and trouble. 

3. Make The Best Out Of The Available Shelving 

Nowadays, most units for storage in Wellington come with shelves on the sides, and you will surely want to use them to store smaller objects. On the other hand, if you rented a smaller and cheaper storage unit, then it might be shelve-less – in that case, you will want to invest in a cheap and spacious standalone shelving that can hold up to 1,500 pounds of weight, provided that you distribute it correctly and evenly. These independent shelving units typically cost between $50 and as much as $500, depending on their size, their overall capacity as well as the material they are made from.

On the other hand, you can also use plastic carts or cupboard-like shelving units to organise the smaller items. These units typically come with retractable storage drawers that will help you use your storage unit space space to the fullest.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, maximising the storage unit space can be very challenging and stressful, but these useful tips and hints will certainly help you. The storage units in Wellington vary in size from the smallest to the most generous ones, depending on your needs and budget, but the great thing is that you can fully utilise the space of a small or medium-sized unit if you know how to arrange the goods and how to evenly distribute their weight, so that the boxes will not collapse. The modern storage solutions in Wellington are designed to give renters the best value for their money – even so, organisation is a must!